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Sorry for missing the last update and the last post. As one might piece together I was at a weird bachelor party and away from a working computer. I think I’ll post up the night’s events later as it will include some Photoshop fun.


We have the next set in this pin-up progress. There where a few steps between I’m not posting because the details are so minor. If you’ve played Spelunky before, you know where I’m going with this.

I really wanted to underplay the Kali Alter. It’s a little hard as it’s such fun imagery but desaturating it I think helped. In order to keep a level of “confidence” in my work I’ve been trying to use less layers. This stage in the process the image is only divided up into 4 folders; Figure, Background, Hair, and Dress. Dress has the most layers at 3 so I’m really trying to be accountable for what i paint. As a kind of test to myself I wanted to see if I could get a “pillow lighting” effect that still seems plausible in the situation. I don’t always pass my own tests…

If you’ve never played Spelunky before please do yourself a favor and go familiarize yourself with one of the most greatly crafted games of our time. Derek Yu (and the team at Mossmouth for the updated version) did an amazing job. Fair warning it’s not for the casual player.

And don’t forget to come back on Tuesday for the final image!

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